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What is Donation CrowdFunding?

CrowdFunding is one of the Hottest Trends on the Internet Today! It is a method to raise funds to do a project that you have a passion to see fulfilled. Donation CrowdFunding essentially involves people donating varying sums of money to support a specific cause or project. Sometimes donors will receive a simple "thank you" or a special mention or even physical item such as a postcard; however, the pledge is simply a Donation. Donation CrowdFunding is expected to play a crucial role in the new wave of alternative finance and the future of WorldWide Economies.

Our Unique Crowd2Funding Model

Our Unique Crowd2Funding Model creates trusted cross marketing of Donation based CrowdFunding projects (something traditional sites do not provide). This team marketing concept will help to provide more exposure of an individuals' project. On the cost side, traditional CrowdFunding sites take a percentage of each "payment" which can add up to be hundreds or thousands of dollars. The Crowd2Funding business model has each project owner purchase their project platform service up front at a fixed cost.

Is a unique team networking methodology that gets your project noticed quickly by many people. It is especially helpful when you don't have a large database nor source of traffic required to be successful on the other conventional CrowdFunding platforms.

Crowd2Funding's Unique Differences from all the rest

  • Donations are PAID Directly to You IMMEDIATELY
  • Ability to CONTROL Project TIME to Continue to Receive Donations
  • CROWDFUND WITH NO LIST (even if you are a member of the NFL Club - No Friends Left)

What is your passion?

Animals Art Architecture
Automotive Comics Community
Dance Design Disaster Relief
Education Environment Fashion
Film Food Games
Health Mobile Apps Music
Photography Political Publishing
Religious Science Sports Teams & Clubs
Technology Theater Video

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